Why inUnum

Efficiency: We enable the fast and mobile recording of buildings, landscapes and environments. Our “inUworld” platform guarantees efficient project management and clear communication.


The inUnum concept impresses with its speed and ease of use. We are very interested in supporting forward-looking solutions. The progress and innovative strength are tangible.

Markus Bonderer

Technical client support, wlw Bauingenieure AG

We are impressed by the speed of the building scanning and the ease of use. This pioneering technology will help to ensure that complete building documentation is available for all phases. In future, we will be able to track how cleanly and accurately the various processes have been carried out.

Markus Wolf

CEO, Ritter Schumacher AG

Our team was really impressed after the presentation. After a short tour of our office with the scanner, we had a three-dimensional visualization on our screen within a few minutes. The technology opens up unimagined possibilities for us in both old and new buildings. We are very excited about further developments.

Christian Arpagaus

Owner, Nocasa Partner AG

The introduction took place in our old town office. With the advanced scanning process, our premises were captured within a short time (approx. 5 minutes) and digitally reproduced on the screen as a 3D illustration. We are convinced that inUnum offers the ideal overall package in terms of costs, benefits and time to be able to process existing properties in detail.

Lorenzo Lazzarini

Management, baubureau og 27 ag


Center on Site

We uphold direct communication through our local center, ensuring swift resolution of your project needs. Our team of qualified professionals is dedicated to promptly addressing your inquiries and providing tailored recommendations based on your specific requirements.

Short Recording Times Real-Time Calculation

The combination of short recording times and real-time calculation offers many advantages, including time savings, greater accuracy and faster decision-making.

Cloud Solution

The data becomes instantly available upon the completion of the scanning process and is seamlessly synchronized directly to the cloud. Cloud solutions enhance collaboration and information exchange among team members, fostering accessibility to the same files and applications for everyone involved.

Data on One Platform

By combining data on one platform, several people or groups can work on a project at the same time and access the same information. This improves efficiency and productivity and enables faster decision-making.

Combination of Data

By integrating various data types, including 2D plans, 3D models, and photos, you can achieve a more comprehensive understanding of a project or situation. This facilitates enhanced communication and comprehension of complex concepts or information.

Simple Orientation

Our intuitive platform facilitates rapid and seamless access to the necessary information, enhancing efficiency and productivity by minimizing the time spent on navigation.

Efficient Tools

Beyond accessing and visualizing your data, our platform provides an extensive array of tools that facilitate diverse workflows, ensuring expedited and efficient completion of tasks.

Hardware Developed In-House

Our self-developed hardware is specifically tailored to the requirements and needs of our platform. This offers better integration, higher performance and stability. The optimization of data processing and analysis further supports the consistent handling of substantial data volumes.

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