We understand that every project is unique. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to us to provide our clients with comprehensive support and assist you in achieving your goals.


Good work is never done alone. The “inUcrew” is aware of this and believes in the power of collaboration and cooperation. We value our employees and foster a working environment based on shared values, mutual respect and open communication.

Annette Doming


+41 58 510 46 00

Annette is our reliable contact person for all accounting matters. With her qualification as an accountant from WIFI Austria and over 25 years of experience as an office clerk, she brings comprehensive expertise and high competence to her field of work. Her ambitious and precise approach to work makes her a dependable asset to the team. Annette is not only professional but also cheerful. These positive attributes are reflected in her interactions with colleagues and clients. In her free time, Annette enjoys spending time with her family and her dog. She is a nature lover and enjoys hiking and swimming as a balance to her professional life. With her balanced personality, she enriches our team in various ways.

Christoph Muxel

Embedded System Engineer, R&D

Christoph is our versatile expert for prototype, software and hardware development. With his training as a plant fitter and a vocational baccalaureate in business informatics, he has a broad range of skills. Christoph has extensive experience in prototyping transport robots, programming microcontrollers and various programming languages such as C, C++, Visual Basic and Python. He is also adept at evaluating hardware components, CAD and 3D printing. In addition to his technical expertise, Christoph is characterized by his calm nature, creative mindset, networked thinking, ability to work in a team, enthusiasm and focus. In his free time, he enjoys activities such as biking, hiking and spending time with his family.

Corina Comar

Draftswoman inUcenter

+41 58 510 46 18

David Hackl

Student Worker

David is our student worker during his semester break. His main tasks include helping with the scanning of objects, the preparation of data and the provision of information. He also provides active support in setting up the organization. David has completed his A-levels and is currently studying mathematics at the University of Innsbruck. In addition to his academic career, he was also a longtime aspiring professional skier and has experience teaching high school students in home schooling. David is a team player, eager to learn, enthusiastic and determined. In his spare time, he enjoys kickboxing, reading and socializing with colleagues.

Dominic Amann

Algorithm Developer, Software Engineer

Dominic is our expert for algorithms and hardware calibration, which he implements in software development. With a background in mathematics, he brings a deep understanding of numerical methods and image processing. His experience includes the application of image processing techniques to ultrasound images and his dissertation on the numerical calculation of periodic water waves. Dominic is characterized by his calm nature, his eagerness to learn, his interest in new technologies, his ability to accept criticism and his analytical skills. In his free time, he enjoys jogging and is always up for board games.

Dominik Faé

Product Owner inUworld

+41 58 510 46 14

As Product Owner, Dominik is the link between customers, development and management. He is a dedicated and talented employee who always shows full commitment. Dominik is a team player who is good at working with others and enjoys taking on new challenges. His resilience enables him to work effectively under pressure. In addition to his professional passion for drone surveying and scanning, Dominik is an avid paraglider. The close bond with his family shapes his values. Dominik is a valuable member of the team, contributing to its success with his dedication and skills.

Eberhard Hackl


+41 58 510 46 10

Eberhard (Ebi), our CEO and CTO, is a driving force for innovation and success. With a degree in Mathematics, UNI he brings a solid education. With many years of experience in development and a passion for innovation, he is an invaluable resource for the company. With his creative approach, determination and perseverance, he drives our projects forward. His extensive expertise in algorithm development and software engineering coupled with his leadership experience make him a valuable team member. In his free time, he devotes himself to his family, enjoys climbing and deepens his knowledge by reading math books. Eberhard embodies our company values and inspires us on our path to success.

Fabian Mügge

Digital Marketing

Fabian is our passionate expert for social media and digital marketing. With his training as a digital marketing manager, he brings a wide range of skills to the table. He has extensive experience in social media, content marketing, web design, strategies, web copy and images. Fabian is characterized by his enthusiasm, adaptability, creativity and broad vocabulary. He maintains a professional approach and ensures first-class results. In his free time, Fabian enjoys riding his Harley, playing guitar, appreciating nature and finding creative inspiration in design. He also enjoys gaming.

Josef Blumenthal

Business Development

+41 58 510 46 12

Josef is responsible for our corporate development and marketing. With his structured and analytical way of thinking, he brings clarity and efficiency to complex projects. At the same time, he is a creative problem solver who enjoys developing innovative solutions. Thanks to his degree in chemistry and his postgraduate studies in business administration and psychology, Josef has a broad range of knowledge in various specialist areas. This versatility enables him to find holistic and versatile approaches to tackle challenges. In his free time, Josef enjoys exploring nature with his dog and is often out and about in his camper van to discover new and inspiring places.

Lukas Kaltenbrunner

Software Engineer

Lukas works on our software development. Lukas holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science, which provides him with a solid academic foundation. Lukas brings extensive experience as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Innsbruck, where he gave lectures on Introduction to Programming and Programming Methodology. He is proficient in several programming languages, including C++ and Typescript. Lukas is characterized by his calm nature, his structured way of working and his high motivation. In his spare time, he likes to play tennis and go hiking to stay active and enjoy nature.

Markus Eberhard

Senior Software Engineer

Markus is one of our experienced software developers and is jointly responsible for the development of the inUworld platform. His expertise includes front-end development, testing and bug fixing. Markus holds a degree in computer science and has over 15 years of experience in software development. He previously specialized in safety-critical software development in avionics and is proficient in a variety of programming languages, from C++ to Typescript. Markus is characterized by his calm nature, clear ideas, structured work and analytical thinking. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing sports, both passively (e.g. ice hockey and watching TV) and on bike tours or hiking.

Michael Eiler

Senior Software Engineer

Michael is responsible for the software architecture of our various software systems as well as the integration and optimization of algorithms. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from TUM and has extensive experience in developing products in the reality capture market as well as in embedded software development. Michael also has extensive knowledge in optimizing performance and scalability of various applications, algorithms and data structures. He is characterized by his ability to develop innovative solutions and tackle complex technical challenges. In his spare time, Michael enjoys mountain biking and ski touring to enjoy the outdoors and stay active.

Mirko Di Centa


+41 58 510 46 00

Mirko is our specialist in accounting and a true expert in his field. With his qualification as a certified accountant from WIFI Austria and an impressive 35 years of experience in financial accounting, he is a valuable resource for our team. His balanced personality and his ability to find creative solutions make him a true asset to our financial accounting department. Mirko is persistent and doesn’t give up until every challenge is overcome. In his free time, Mirko is a passionate athlete. In addition to table tennis and hiking, he commits himself to archery with the same dedication as Robin Hood once did.

Niklas Wachter

Sales Manager

+41 58 510 46 22

Niklas ist unser engagierter Vertriebsexperte. Sein Abschluss als Wirtschaftsingenieur verleiht ihm ein solides Fundament aus technischem Know-how und betriebswirtschaftlicher Expertise. Durch seine langjährige Erfahrung im Vertrieb, Marketing und Projektmanagement ist er in der Lage, Kundenbedürfnisse effektiv zu verstehen und zu bedienen. Seine freundliche, hilfsbereite und aufgeschlossene Art ermöglicht es Niklas, starke Kundenbeziehungen aufzubauen und zu pflegen. Seine Kreativität und sein serviceorientierter Ansatz tragen dazu bei, innovative Lösungen für die Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden zu entwickeln. In seiner Freizeit entspannt Niklas beim Badmintonspielen, widmet sich der Musik und dem Gesang und teilt sein Zuhause gerne mit seinem geliebten Kater Herkules.

Patrick Lenz

Algorithm Developer, Software Engineer

Patrick is our man in charge of extracting information from data, training neural networks and general software development. With a PhD in astrophysics, he has a solid scientific background. Patrick has worked as a postdoc in the field of asteroseismology at the Copernicus Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. He has been involved in research projects and has accompanied and carried out software development projects from conception to realization. He is characterized by his calm nature, analytical thinking and interest in new ways of solving problems. In his spare time, Patrick continues to work on asteroseismology, enjoys water sports, cycling and hiking.

Virginia Rodriguez

BIM Expert & Project Manager inUcenter

+41 58 510 46 21

Virginia ist unsere vielseitige Expertin für Building Information Modeling (BIM), Zeichnungen und Projektleitung. Mit ihrem Abschluss als diplomierte Bauingenieurin im Hochbau bringt sie ein fundiertes Fachwissen in verschiedenen Bereichen mit. Virginia verfügt über umfassende Erfahrung in der Ausführungsplanung, als Vertriebsingenieurin und in der Kostenkalkulation. Darüber hinaus ist sie eine versierte BIM-Expertin und beherrscht alle Facetten der BIM-Entwicklung, -Methodologie, -Modellierung, -Konstruktion sowie -Planung und Koordination. Ihre Persönlichkeit zeichnet sich durch Lebensfreude, Offenheit, Professionalität, Kreativität und Teamfähigkeit aus. Virginia bringt nicht nur fachliche Expertise, sondern auch eine positive Einstellung und ein starkes Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl in unser Team ein. In ihrer Freizeit genießt sie Aktivitäten wie Fahrradfahren, Familienaktivitäten und Reisen, die ihre Leidenschaft für das Leben und das Entdecken neuer Orte widerspiegeln.

Job Board

Do you want to be part of an innovative and dynamic team that pushes the boundaries of 3D scanning and reality capture technology? At “inUnum” we offer you the opportunity to work on exciting projects and develop your skills in a creative environment. Become part of our growing company and help shape the future of “inUnum”.

Voices from the inUcrew

I have been working at inUnum for 4.5 years as an algorithm and software developer and love analyzing complex problems and finding innovative solutions. The open corporate culture and the dedicated team enable my continuous development. I found my way to inUnum through personal contacts and appreciate the opportunity to share my ideas within the company. The employment conditions offer many advantages for my professional and personal development. If you are looking for exciting challenges and an interesting subject area, be sure to apply to inUnum – there is still a lot to do here!

Patrick Lenz, Algorithm Developer, Software Engineer

As a software developer specializing in algorithms, I have been working at inUnum for 17 months. My daily tasks consist of analyzing and solving problems, creating new tasks and exchanging ideas with my team. The corporate culture at inUnum is characterized by good working conditions, open communication and a common goal. The best thing about my job is the opportunity to help shape the growth of our products and to see the direct results of my work. The teamwork is goal-oriented, open to suggestions and changes. My path to inUnum began with an application on the company website. I can contribute my knowledge and experience in modeling and solving (non)linear problems as well as researching SLAM techniques. The flexible working hours and vacation arrangements are further advantages of the employment conditions at inUnum. If you apply as an applicant, you can expect a great team, interesting tasks and the opportunity to actively contribute.

Dominic Amann, Algorithm Developer, Software Engineer

I have been working at inUnum since February 2012 and as a software engineer I am busy developing new features, writing tests and fixing bugs on a daily basis. My path to inUnum started even before the company was founded. I was lucky enough to work with Ebi on a joint project some time ago. I love the dynamic and innovative work environment at inUnum, as well as the open communication and trust placed in the employees. I am grateful for the valuable experience and the opportunity for personal and professional development at inUnum.

Markus Eberhard, Senior Software Engineer

Dominik Faé - Product Owner für Software inUworld von inUnum

Since I started at inUnum in 2022, I have been able to go through a fascinating development. From being responsible for scans to the role of Project Manager and Product Owner. Within the company, I am responsible for the product development of our software platform inUworld. The daily challenges and the technological environment at inUnum have always inspired me. I appreciate the versatility of my job and the continuous opportunities for professional development. The open corporate culture and the opportunity to contribute my ideas and experience make my work here particularly fulfilling. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of a dynamic team and look forward to continuing to contribute to innovation at inUnum.

Dominik Faé, Product Owner inUworld

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Plans and Models

We are seeking skilled draftspersons (all genders) with training or relevant experience, proficient in working with point clouds, and capable of creating both 2D plans and 3D models. Independence and teamwork are essential qualities. Several years of expertise in relevant software programs (Archicad, AutoCAD, Revit) are prerequisites. Embrace flexible work arrangements and leverage your skills from any location.

Drones and Handheld Scanners

If you possess expertise in drone operation, particularly in scanning buildings, landscapes, and environments, you are in the right place. Utilize your skills in capturing high-precision data to contribute to our team in creating detailed 3D models. Our flexible work-from-home options enable you to optimize your proficiency in drone technology and scanning.

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