inUworld: Flexibel, mobil, effizient!

Discover the impressive browser-based navigation of inUworld!

With the freedom to access your data from anywhere, anytime – even from mobile devices – inUworld makes your construction planning flexible, mobile and efficient.

Everything in one place:

  • Point Clouds
  • Plans
  • Models
  • Snapshots
  • Documents
  • Cadastral Plans

All information can be brought together on our platform and referenced to a single point.

Web-based solution: No complex installations or storage space reservations. A simple login is all you need to access the platform.

Targeted communication: Define and share scenes for targeted communication with other users, for smooth collaboration.

Mobile efficiency: Take advantage of mobile devices to check and update data and make decisions on the spot.

Anywhere, anytime: Work from anywhere and stay in full control of your construction project.

Discover inUworld’s browser-based navigation in our latest video.

Project update: Austria Lustenau stadium renovation

inUnum revolutionizes the stadium conversion for Austria Lustenau!

BIM Talk – 5. Juni 2024

inUnum BIM Talk – Experience live how the future of construction is being shaped!

Project: Aurora Lenzerheide

A digital twin for building construction planning

Digitaler Zwilling als Modellzeichnung von Hotel. Projekt Aurora von inUnumAG

A portrait of our BIM expert

We are pleased to introduce you to another energetic member of the inUnum team: Virginia Rodriguez

Virginia Rodriguez mit Scanner inUware BIM Expert InUnum AG