About inUnum - Innovative for many years

InUnum is enthusiastic about tasks that require passion, motivation and teamwork. These values have been the driving force behind our successful solutions for many years. Our dedicated team is passionate about their work and is fully committed to achieving the best results for our customers.


Our company name “in Unum” is derived from the Latin expression “in one”, and this is exactly what our philosophy embodies. We strive to offer our partners comprehensive solutions. Our customized products and services combine different elements into a single platform to ensure efficiency, collaboration and seamless operations.

“Reflected Reality” – our slogan for the use of digital twins in technology and virtual reflection. With realistic virtual images and the ability to reflect on thoughts and ideas, we optimize projects practically and creatively. Welcome to a new dimension of digital planning and design.


Here and now

After a number of successful years as a service provider, we have decided to offer our own products and services. With our many years of experience and know-how, we are convinced that we can present innovative and high-quality solutions.

The acquisition of SOLA Messwerkzeuge in 2021 has enabled us to concentrate fully on product development. SOLA supports us in the area of corporate development, with its many years of experience in product development and through its broad sales network.

You can look forward to the exciting innovations that we have in store for you on an ongoing basis. We look forward to your regular visits to our website.

Historical heritage

The company I.S.E. Hackl (Innovative Software Engineering) was founded in 2000 and renamed inUnum in 2011.

Several years of experience in the areas of software engineering (analysis, architecture, development), system engineering, team leadership and project management characterize the company. Various complex developments in the areas of GIS, real-time and embedded 2D/3D data visualization, generation, processing and object recognition have been successfully implemented. Due to the technical understanding and the analytical approach, further projects in various industries followed.



Menschen halten sich an den Händen rund um die Welt

As a company, we firmly believe in the importance of humanity and empathy!

We are committed to treating our employees, customers and society in general with respect and dignity. Having a positive impact on their lives is our commitment. Our values are based on humanity and we strive to express them in all our business activities.

Data protection

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Data protection is our top priority: secure and confidential handling of your data!

We ensure that our customers’ data is protected with the latest security measures. Our products have been developed with the highest standards of privacy, data protection and confidentiality. Data and authentication are carried out and transmitted exclusively via encrypted channels. Furthermore, your data is only stored on European servers.

We undertake to collect only the data that is necessary for our business processes and to use it only for the intended purpose.

General privacy policy of inUnum AG.


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We want to make a positive contribution to sustainable development through our actions!

We are committed to continuously reviewing and improving our business processes and practices in order to reduce our company’s environmental footprint.

Sustainable applications

Social responsibility is important to us and we are committed to ensuring that our employees are treated fairly and can work in a safe and healthy working environment. We actively promote new ways of working, which contributes to an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way of working.

Work at Home Program


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Your opinion is important to us!

Tell us about your experiences with our services, our company or our website. We value your feedback and use it to continuously improve.

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We look forward to your feedback!

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