Documentation of Installation Processes

Early error detection with inUnum: Your key to successful construction project documentation!

In the construction industry, every detail often counts and precise documentation is the key to successful projects. With inUnum, you can identify potential errors or defects at an early stage, act immediately and avoid potentially costly repairs or delays.


Your solution:


Digital construction project documentation: Our platform enables comprehensive and accurate documentation of your construction project. From building analysis to progress tracking – all in one place.

Collaborative platform: Give your team easy access to documents and information. Sharing data promotes efficient collaboration and optimizes the flow of information.

Go one step ahead with inUnum – facilitate error detection, speed up corrections and ensure your construction project runs smoothly.

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Project update: Austria Lustenau stadium renovation

inUnum revolutionizes the stadium conversion for Austria Lustenau!

BIM Talk – 5. Juni 2024

inUnum BIM Talk – Experience live how the future of construction is being shaped!

Project: Aurora Lenzerheide

A digital twin for building construction planning

Digitaler Zwilling als Modellzeichnung von Hotel. Projekt Aurora von inUnumAG

A portrait of our BIM expert

We are pleased to introduce you to another energetic member of the inUnum team: Virginia Rodriguez

Virginia Rodriguez mit Scanner inUware BIM Expert InUnum AG