Planerstellung und Vergleich mit inUnum AG
3D geländeaufnahme von inUnum AG
Volumenberechnung für Planung und Inventur von Deponien und Kieswerken
3d Modell, Digitaler Zwilling eines Gebäudes - inUnum AG
We create the reality in wich we live - inUnum AG - Dachkonstruktion
We create the reality in wich we live - inUnum AG - Wandstärke
We create the reality in wich we live - inUnum AG

Use Cases: practical application examples
for every industry

Our use cases are designed to show you how our solutions can meet your requirements. If none of the use cases are a perfect fit, let us know – we love a challenge and look forward to developing customized solutions for you. Our use cases are continuously updated to ensure they reflect the latest trends and requirements.



Cases Selection

Calculate Usable Photovoltaic Roof Area

Checking Building Wall Thicknesses

Cost Allocation for Fastening Work

Determining the Scope of Work for a Tender

Digital Terrain Surveys

Documentation of Execution Errors on Construction Sites

Documentation of Installation Processes

Inventory Analysis for Project Studies

Lack of a 3D Model

Lack of Up-to-Date 2D Plans

Overlay of Various Data

Point Cloud Evaluation

Review of As-Built Plans

Validation of 3D Models

Expert Talk

As the BIM expert at inUnum, I eagerly anticipate engaging in a dialogue with you.

Virginia Rodriguez, BIM Expertin und Projektleiterin bei inUnum AG

Virginia Rodriguez

BIM Expert & Project Manager inUcenter

+41 58 510 46 21