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Review of As-Built Plans

Before a renovation, it is important to check that the current as-built plans are up to date. A building can go through changes over time. Make sure you have access to accurate and up-to-date information by checking the as-built plans to avoid errors or misunderstandings in planning.

As-built plans contain detailed information about the structure and features of a building. Depending on the level of detail in the plans, you will receive accurate data on rooms, dimensions, piping systems, electrical installations and other important details. This information is crucial for budget and time planning. It enables you to set a realistic budget and better estimate the scope of the renovation work.

By identifying possible restrictions or obstacles early on, potential problems and delays during the renovation can be avoided. Examples include load-bearing walls, supporting pillars or supply lines that cannot be easily altered. By identifying these restrictions early on, you can take appropriate precautions to ensure that the renovation goes smoothly.

Features used:

  • Deviation analysis
  • Measurements
  • Object placement
  • Points of Interests
  • Structuring (topology)