Punktwolken erstellen und bearbeiten, Grundrisse und Massenermittlungen erstellen auf inUworld cloudbasierte Plattform von inUnum AG
Building and Site Analysis

Point Cloud Evaluation

for time-saving and cost-efficient data capture

Plan and estimate your projects based on precise point cloud data, without the need for traditional 2D plans or 3D models.

Generate the necessary foundational data for your projects efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Use Case

Man beim Laserscanning Scanner inUware von inUnumAG scannt Gebäude
3D Laser Scanner and Drone

Capture and Digitize Reality

The process of point cloud creation occurs in three simple steps:

Outdoor Capture: Utilizing drone photogrammetry, hard-to-reach building elements are captured from the air.

Indoor Capture: The mobile 3D laser scanner swiftly captures every corner of your building interior.

Point Cloud Generation: The data, whether from the drone or the laser scanner, is uploaded and processed on the “inUworld” platform.

If you prefer not to carry out the process yourself, leave it to us!

2D Plan Auswertung mit inUworld Software Plattform von inUnum AG
Plan Development

Entire Floor Plans from Point Clouds

In various scenarios, all relevant plan information can be created and saved to quickly access floor plans from point clouds.

This includes:

  • Floor plans, roof plans, and ceiling plans
  • Site plans
  • Elevations and sections

Use “inUworld” to create the required representations yourself, or let our experts assist you.

Massenermittlung aus Punktwolke mit inUworld Software Online-Plattform von inUnum AG
Quantity Estimation

Quantity Estimation Made Easy

Thanks to precise data from the point cloud evaluation, your quantity estimations are available to you at any time and can be supplemented as needed.

Here are some practical examples:

  • Roof areas, deductions or extractors, and distances
  • Facade and window areas
  • Volume calculation of excavation
  • Dimensions and distances of components
Dokumentation und Berichte aus Punktwolke mit inUworld Software Online-Plattform von inUnum AG

Efficient Collaboration

Share: All scenes, floor plans from point clouds, and quantity estimations can be forwarded to partners and project participants with a simple click.

Export: “inUworld” enables the provision of data as concise reports in PDF format.

Web Solution: As it is a web-based application, no software installations or additional storage space are required.

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