Use Case

3D Modell und Punktwolke Gebäude in inUworld Softwae Plattform von inUnum AG

Lack of a 3D Model

A 3D model enables a realistic and immersive visualization of the construction project. This makes it easier to understand the spatial relationships, design and aesthetics of the project. Simulations can also be carried out to analyze the flow of people or the effect of light and shadow, for example. A detailed analysis of collisions and conflicts between different building elements and systems allows potential problems to be identified at an early stage before costly changes or construction delays occur.
The model can be used to precisely determine material quantities, labor times and resource requirements. This enables better cost control and helps to create construction schedules more efficiently.

The model also serves as comprehensive documentation. It enables the recording and storage of important information about the construction project, such as materials, dimensions or installation details. Once the construction phase is complete, the model can be used in the area of building management, for example to plan and manage maintenance and repair work.

Features used:

  • Deviation analysis
  • Object placement
  • Registration