Use Case

Projektstudien Bastandsanalyse in inUworld Software Plattform

Inventory Analysis for Project Studies

When carrying out project studies, a comprehensive as-built analysis forms the basis for the subsequent process. During the detailed on-site inspection, measurements are taken and the condition of the building structure, installations and equipment is documented. To record the existing room functions, the individual rooms are measured, their names recorded and their purposes documented. Potential restrictions or obstacles are identified in the building structure and load-bearing walls, supporting pillars, ceiling structures and other important structural elements are examined. Existing installations such as electrical and plumbing systems are also reviewed to identify potential conflicts early in the remodeling or renovation process.

All information, measurements and results of the as-built analysis must be documented in a comprehensive report. Documentation and visualization on a modern web platform facilitates this work, improves communication with all stakeholders and enables all project participants to access the same level of data at the same time.

Features used:

  • Measurements
  • Points of Interests
  • Project management
  • Scenes
  • Structuring (topology)