Scanning and Surveying Terrain

Digital Terrain Surveys

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Generate precise point clouds for detailed terrain and property analysis. Optimize the efficiency and management of your project.

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Use Case


Aerial Terrain Mapping

Through aerial or drone imagery, photogrammetry offers an efficient solution for capturing digital terrain data.

It is particularly suitable for:

  • Hard-to-access areas
  • Large areas in a short amount of time

Utilize inUworld to prepare your aerial images, or leave drone operations to our experts at the inUcenter.

Laser Scanning

Diverse Perspectives Thanks to 3D Scanning

Thanks to the adaptability of the mobile laser scanner, topographic details and terrain irregularities are captured in real-time.

It is particularly well-suited for use:

  • in areas difficult to reach by air
  • in environments with dense vegetation
  • for direct captures, without extensive post-processing

Enhance your terrain analysis with highly accurate terrain information and discover the benefits of our mobile 3D scanner.

Processing and post-processing

Point Cloud: Representation of the Data

The digital terrain survey, whether by drones or laser scanners, is directly available in the cloud.

On inUworld, you can:

  • Generate point clouds from drone images
  • Edit, clean, and classify individual data
  • Merge and align data

Generate your comprehensive point cloud or take advantage of the supporting services of our inUcenter. We help you find the best solution for your project.

Merkmale und Marken auf eine Punktwolke

All Features at a Glance

POIs – Points of Interest allow you to capture and visualize special terrain features, landmarks, or obstacles in the landscape.

Snapshots – In photographs taken with the scanner, measurements can be made afterwards and areas can be calculated.

By combining all this information, a detailed 3D terrain model is created. Discover the diverse possibilities for yourself.


Dokumtente auf inuwold Datenbank speichern und verwalten
Document Management

Smart Data Management

inUworld not only provides a central source of information but also allows tracking of development stages over months and years.

The cloud-based solution makes it easy to share captured data with partners, thus promoting efficient and cooperative work processes.

A simple system for uncomplicated collaboration, ensuring that all stakeholders always stay informed.