Use Case

Leistungsverrechnung Befestigungsarbeiten in inUworld Software von inUnum AG

Cost Allocation for Fastening Work

Fastening work such as shotcrete walls or anchor fastenings can be carried out as part of subcontractor agreements or supplier contracts. Digital recording using area and volume measurements serves as proof and documentation of the services provided. It serves as the basis for invoices, payment claims and for the legal protection of the work performed. Detailed and precise invoicing also facilitates project analysis and the subsequent tracing of services.

The invoicing of fastening work plays an important role in contract management. It helps the contracting parties to monitor the agreed services and conditions and ensure that all contractual provisions are met. The determination can also serve as a basis for contract adjustments, addenda or negotiations.

Features used:

  • Measurements
  • Points of Interests
  • Scenes